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So, I tried doing a bun for my hair, and was shocked it worked + looked nice. 

I mean, I suck at hair, I’ve never really styled mine, I just brush or blow dry, my mom or sis would style it for me if I actually wanted to. I tried doing buns before but failed horribly at it (mostly due to my hair type I suppose), or I didn’t want to bother putting a million bobby pins in my hair. 

But I found a method that works great for me, just twist and tie with a hair tie. 

I much prefer the look of my hair down or in a ponytail, but my hair is so thick and hot even in a ponytail that I was very tempted to cut it so I’d have a small ponytail, even though I do like my hair long. So now I have a way to keep my hair completely out of the way, so happy! 

What do you play when frustrated?

You know, I was feeling great, but I just, don’t right now. It’s nothing serious at all, it’s just sometimes you aren’t up for things, you know? Even the tiniest, unimportant little thing just makes you feel so frustrated or stressed, and I’ve just been getting a lot of tiny things for the last couple of days. Things like that happens, you just need a break, that’s all. So let’s change the subject to something fun but related. 

What’s your favourite game to play when you feel this way? 
Personally I either play happy games to feel better, or I play violent games which takes stress away, like Planetside2.

I’m a silly person! I put my comment in your ask box. >///< Please forgive me..! -Offers a hug- You’s a silly person cause you’s fun and interesting a lot~

There’s no rule against sending an ask actually. 

I don’t think that would mean I’m silly. Silly is being random, not at all serious, acting things out, etc. Which yes I can do, but being interesting doesn’t make me a silly person :P 

kitsune-oori asked: I gots an assumption~! You're a silly person and silly people are fun and exciting and more interesting than not silly people~ <3 ^~^

I guess I’d have to say yes and no on that one. 

I’m often very quiet and more so serious in a way. But I can be silly too, I get hyper and I’m finally getting close enough to my friends that I get silly with them. 

Online though, I have a hard time with silly, its why I rarely answer silly questions. In my mind, I want to answer seriously. And we can still be fun. 

Make assumptions about me

Write a comment with an assumption you have about me and I’ll let you know if it’s true or not! 

It was suggested to me to do this meme and I thought it would be super fun, so why not? I post a lot about myself, so some people might have some assumptions.

Can’t Think of Anything

I love making journals so that I can discuss and chat with my followers, but I can’t think of a subject and did the ask journal not long ago enough D: 

Bought myself an awesome off shoulder shirt. Waiting on the mail, hoping it fits right since online buying is always a risk, but usually it turns out amazing &lt;3

Bought myself an awesome off shoulder shirt. Waiting on the mail, hoping it fits right since online buying is always a risk, but usually it turns out amazing <3

I was feeling really eh about my hair/looks in general, not sad really but not liking it. But turns out all I needed was to trim my bangs, oops. I don’t always realize they’re looking off, now I feel pretty again <3

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returning to a drawing after hours/days of not touching the canvas


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