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Hi there, my name's Strawbs

Discussion Day: What’s your favourite step in art?

Once in a while I’ll post journals with random topics. I feel it’s fun to chat with my followers, as well as make it shown that I’m totally cool with you approaching me, especially with questions. 

What’s your favourite part of the art you do? You can share why as well if you’d like!

For me, I get into different moods. Sometimes all I want to do is sketch, other times I only want to colour. But overall, I usually enjoy inking the most, even if it gets frustrating. Why? Not fully sure, but my style is very lineart orientated, by choice. I enjoy that my inking style is a big aspect of my art, so I enjoy spending time on it.

I’ll admit that I do feel self conscious in this shirt. 

I wear tops that show loads of cleavage all the time, it’s a curse of a large chest, and I’m not about to wear more layers to cover it. (not to mention that I show as much skin as others, they just don’t have the bumps I have). So I’m used to it. 

But this top is more deliberate. It isn’t just a low cut shirt, it draws your eyes there on purpose. It’s not something I usually wear. I personally prefer to be cute rather then sexy. But, I still feel awesome in this shirt, I like how I look in it. 

So of course I’m not going to let self conscientiousness bother me, and those feelings pass if you wear it for a while. Hopefully that’ll pass soon. 

I’m just rambling

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Commission for Uisgebear!

Commission for Uisgebear!

Anonymous asked: What's a peek a boo top?

It’s just what I call it, but here’s one:

My top looks different (no sleeve, with a mesh at the top), but similar. It shows quite a lot of cleave compared to that photo since, well, it’s no secret I’m large chested. But it looks “worse” then it really is. My tank tops reveal the same amount of cleavage, but this top draws your attention to that area, making it seem like it’s showing more then it actually is. My mom first thought it showed way too much, t’ill I told her about my tanks (though she does find my tanks too low as well haha)

It’s really nice though, it’s nice to have a different style top in your closet since it’s not what I usually buy. 

I have all these cute outfits ideas, but it’s too hot to dress up and will be for a while D: 

I also really want to punk up. Got a nice black skirt, so boots, leather jacket, I think it would look pretty awesome. I also bought a pretty sexy (I usually go for cute) peek a boo top, so it’d look pretty damn awesome together. But no, too hot, I’ll have to wait for fall. 

preedatoor127 asked: so u just know me as PREeDaTOoR127 but maybe u wanna know my name , since i know urs Hm? :) so then you can Call me James :3 and i am 17 years old ^-^ .. whats ur eye color i i can ask :3 ? mine is green o///o

Nice to meet you! 

My eyes are brown, though they pretty much look black due to how dark they are. 

daqqerhilt answered your post: I feel bad: Ask me things? Chat?

Do you face the shower head or away from it? And do you wet your toothbrush before you brush?

Both! When putting stuff in my hair, I face the shower head, then turn to wash it, it always gets in my eyes otherwise. 

Yup, always wet it.