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When my friend Malicai gets me a gift for a special occasion, he has a tendency of forgetting to give it over and over. But, he always ends up finding the best thing. I appreciate all gifts, no matter what it is. I’m touched when people spend time and sometimes money just for me. But it is very special when someone knows you well enough to get something perfect. 

Last Christmas I tweeted a picture of a Jack Frost ornament, which I didn’t want to buy since I try to limit spending on things I can’t use/wear. So what did he get me for Christmas? The ornament! 

Today he brought me this year’s Christmas gift (many months late :P). 

What did he get? 


And an adorable one at that! Often official merchandise looks horrible. It even does his purr noise and growls!

I’m likely going to a convention tomorrow, and since our cosplay outfits weren’t finished, my plan was to wear my Toothless hat. Now I have this to match! Just need to pick my outfit to go with it. Eee <3

Two new characters! They’re a couple. 

Ethan and Tori. A short, shy boy and a tough girl. 

This is so quick and messy, sorry >< I don’t seem to have the energy to draw today but I had some characters I wanted to a least sort of designs. 

Hopefully later on I’ll feel better and I can actually design them, hair properly, body type, face shapes. I may make them into “cat people”, adding tails and ears. A punk girl and shy boy couple <3



Please watch it.

So disgusting.

It’s like I have a lot to say about this but also don’t know how to write it out? All I can really say is that it makes me feel disgusted, it’s hard to believe people act like this towards celebs. I hear a lot of stories of things people have done to Tom Hiddleston and I feel horrible each time, this seems so much worse, even though it’s already bad. 

It’s just plain bullying and harassment. I would never be able to do something like this, I can be hard to handle just a few watchers online. 

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requested!! its just some stuff ive learned idk dont trust me too much, i had the parts for this laying around for days and was too lazy to put text on it i also added a collage of some chests ive done last minute

Bless the nipple appreciation. <3


some of these days ya know

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do you get motion sickness? in the car or like, idk, on flights?

Oh ya, I get very car sick. So far planes seem -ok- though my ears hurt last time I came home from Quebec, the other times were fine though.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How was your day? I hope it was good :)
sbneko sbneko Said:

It was great! A friend of mine moved nearby and we went out for lunch. I’ve never had a friend live so close before. 

Hiya followers! How’re you guys??

I’m awesome, but bit bored and chatty. Got questions for me?


u should send me asks telling me what characters i remind you of!!! and explain too because that sounds like fun and i wanna know

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